You can donate your eyes. 
For this you just need a pledge card and have to send it to our address. 
In reply we will send a donor card to you. You have to preserve it. 
Inform SNEDS or SIEB about the death of the donor within 6 hours after death .
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    Sandhani is the word which originates from Bengali Language. It means searching in English. Sandhani is basically a non-profit voluntary institution works for the ailing humanity. It was established in 1977. The organization was formed in a very dramatic way when some of the medical second year students came forward to help their classmates. In the early of 1977, Md. Edris Ali Monju, one of the second year Dhaka Medical College Students, found that one of his classmates attended his medical classes without having breakfast for the want of money.             

The incident moved him with a jerk. He informed the matter to some of his classmates. All of them decided to help the fellow classmate by saving some money from their pocket expanses. With the thought to help the human being, the enthusiastic students called a meeting on February 05, 1977 and from that very day Sandhani emerged as a humanitarian organization. At the beginning the founders operated their activities by following the motto :" Build ourselves as perfect human beings by Keeping us away from all injustice and evil and try heart and soul to dedicate ourselves for the welfare of humanity." The first slogan of Sandhani was" The way to serve the God is to serve the humanity."

The Spirit of Sandhani

As Sandhani is the organization of the medical students, it believes that it is the duty of the students to serve the nation. But in our society the doctors are known as money making machines. Sandhani believes that this status of the doctors really degraded this noble profession. So, we felt the necessity of such a thing which would put our future doctors on the right path. It was found that doctors can play their role more effectively if it is possible to bring them close to the people. Bearing the idea in mind, we built this organization which is totally based on the teaching of brotherhood. Here all the members work as a family for the welfare of the common people. We believe the selfless dedicated effort of all the members of this organization will be expanded towards all the horizons. Sandhani hopes that all the students will be imbued with the spirit ' Only a Steady mind can create something great, beautiful and everlasting.' 

The Beginning of Sandhani National Eye Donation Society

  From the very first day Sandhani works for motivating the people for Blood Donation and for Posthumous Eye Donation. Sandhani has it's own constitution. Sandhani organized The First Voluntary Blood Donation Program on November 1978. In the year 1983, Sandhani's Central committee was formed. Prof. Md. Abul Kalam Azad was the founding secretary of the central committee. After forming the central body, the lawmakers of Sandhani found that the technical works like collecting, preserving and distributing corneas and motivating the people for eye donation were not possible for Sandhani alone. They felt that it was necessary to form another organization for involving the people of all classes of the society with the Posthumous Eye Donation Program. At last on the 25 the day of November, 1984, Sandhani National Eye Donation Society was Established and from the very first day SNEDS launched it's Official Posthumous Eye Donation program. The renowned ambassador for The Posthumous Eye Donation Program, Dr. Hudson Silva of Srilanka declared the opening of Sandhani National Eye Donation Society. At that time Sandhani International Eye Bank was also established. Within the year 1987, the zones of Sandhani National Eye Donation Society were established in all the Medical College Hospitals of the country.

At present eight Eye Banks in the whole country along with the one Eye bank in the central office operate the activities for reducing the blindness from the country. Along with the medical colleges students, Sandhani Donor Clubs (non medical wings) actively take part in the programs of SNEDS.  The central general body is the highest policy making body of SNEDS. It is constituted by central founder members, three representative from each zone, all members of the central executive committee, the president, Secretary General and Organizing Secretary of the central executive committee. The central executive committee executes the function of the society on behalf of the central general body. To know more about the SNEDS's committee click here.

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