You can donate your eyes. 
For this you just need a pledge card and have to send it to our address. 
In reply we will send a donor card to you. You have to preserve it. 
Inform SNEDS or SIEB about the death of the donor within 6 hours after death .
To get the Pledge card click here 


As SNEDS works for eliminating the avoidable corneal blindness from Bangladesh, it works with some objectives

SNEDS has four objectives :

  • To promote the cause of Posthumous Eye Donation in the country.

  • To create conditions for collection, preservation and utilization of human Eyes.

  • To conduct social and scientific research in the field of Ophthalmology. 

  • To Undertake appropriate communication programs for prevention of Blindness.

  To fulfill the objectives SNEDS arranges different programs at different times. Some of the major programs of 
  SNEDS are :

  •  Arranging The National Voluntary Blood Donation and Posthumous Eye Donation Day

  •  Selling Sandhani "Blindness Relief" Lottery

  • Project of selling "Sandhani Blindness Relief Seal"

  • Arranging rallies and seminars for increasing awareness about eye donation among the people of all walks.

  Besides this SNEDS published various leaflet, magazines and the commemoratives for informing the people about the blindness. The publications also consist the activity of the society. except these, SNEDS telecasted clippings in the television channels. In the year 2003, SNEDS with the collaboration or Orbis International took a four-year project of Strengthening it's eye banking capacity. To know more about our activities Click here