You can donate your eyes. 
For this you just need a pledge card and have to send it to our address. 
In reply we will send a donor card to you. You have to preserve it. 
Inform SNEDS or SIEB about the death of the donor within 6 hours after death .
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    Sandhani National Eye Donation Society is totally a non-profit voluntary organization involves in restoring the sight of the blind people of Bangladesh. It is the only organization in the country which is engaged in restoring, preserving and grafting corneas.

SNEDS has four objectives :

  • To promote the cause of Posthumous Eye Donation in the country.

  • To create conditions for collection, preservation and utilization of human Eyes.

  • To conduct social and scientific research in the field of Ophthalmology. 

  • To Undertake appropriate communication programs for prevention of Blindness.

    Bearing the objectives in mind we organize different programs regularly. Many renowned persons of home and abroad showed their interest and at the same time involve themselves in  the activities of SNEDS. We with the help of our members run different types of campaign for building awareness among the people for eye donation. We organize different meetings in all the levels of the organization regularly. Except these, we have a modern Eye Bank which is dedicated to collect and graft cornea. 

The National Voluntary Blood Donation and Posthumous Eye Donation Day

Sandhani National Eye Donation Society first organized the National Voluntary Blood Donation and Posthumous Eye Donation Day on November 02, 1978. In the year 1995 the day got national recognition. Since then SNEDS observe the day every year. In the national Voluntary Blood Donation and Posthumous Eye Donation Day SNEDS arrange rallies and camps for blood and eye donation. We get huge response in those activities and people of all classes show their interest in those activities. SNEDS also arrange Seminars for the reporters of the dailies and weeklies of the country to inform them about the messages of the National Voluntary Blood Donation and Posthumous Eye Donation Days. The seminars give us the opportunity to come close to the people though the media. In the year 2004 SNEDS observed "The National Voluntary Blood Donation and Posthumous Eye Donation Day" for the 10th successive time. We believe the day will help us in creating movement in the society for the Posthumous eye donation. On the same day the civil works for the Sandhani Building was inaugurated by the minister for health of the Govt. of Bangladesh, Khondokar Mosharraf Hossain.

Sandhani "Blindness Relief" Lottery

Form the very beginning we have the dream to establish a full fledge cornea hospital in the country to ensure eye grafting for the poor people. For this huge amount of money is necessary. It is not possible for SNEDS alone to arrange this huge amount of money alone as it is a non-profit voluntary organization. For this SNEDS arranged lottery programs in different time. The lotteries were opened for all. Till now we arranged three lottery programs. It can be mentioned that the lottery programs were arranges by taking prior permission from internal ministry of the people's republic of Bangladesh. The lottery gave us huge breakthrough and we hope that our dream, a full fledge cornea hospital, will come to reality soon. 


Project of selling "Sandhani Blindness Relief Seal"

    With the aim to establish a full fledge cornea hospital and to bring pace in the Posthumous Eye donation movement the honorable minister for the ministry of Internal Resources of Bangladesh government gave permission to SNEDS to sell 50 paisa  Sandhani Blindness Relief Seal with every ticket in the cinema halls. The project continued from December 01, 2001 to November 30, 200. We got support of more than three hundreds cinema halls owners. We are contacting to the Internal Resources department of the Government to take permission for restarting the project.


   SNEDS published various leaflet, magazines and the commemoratives for informing the people about the blindness. The publications also consist the activity of the society. except these, SNEDS telecasted clippings in the television channels. here is the list of SNEDS publications :

  • SNEDS published commemoratives and leaflets for the celebration of National Voluntary Blood Donation and Posthumous Eye donation Day

  • SNEDS published it's magazines " The Eye" in every three months. The magazines consist the activities of the society.

  • SNEDS telecasted the TV clipping for the promotion of it's lottery program.

Project of Strengthening Eye Banking Capacity of SNEDS 

SNEDS in the year 2003 singed a four-year collaboration project and started in 2004 with ORBIS International  for bringing pace in the eye banking activities. The estimated cost for the project is Us$ 374,660.00. SNEDS will contribute the 44% and ORBIS INTERNATIOANL will contribute the rest 56% of the total cost. The main aim of the project is to increase the total collection of corneas with the help of the trained personnel, establish the international standard in all the steps of cornea collection, preservation and delivering, create a justifiable directives for cornea collection and grafting, provides higher training to six eye surgeons of the country on eye grafting and above all makes the eye banking activities an independent one by creating way of earning for it.