You can donate your eyes. 
For this you just need a pledge card and have to send it to our address. 
In reply we will send a donor card to you. You have to preserve it. 
Inform SNEDS or SIEB about the death of the donor within 6 hours after death .
To get the Pledge card click here 

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Eye Banking Procedures:

  • Public awareness programs about eye donation
  • Harvesting of corneal tissues from donors
  • Evaluation of the donor tissue to determine its suitability for corneal transplantation
  • Preservation of donor tissues
  • Screening of donor blood samples for Human Immunodeficiency virus (HIV) antibody and Hepatitis B Surface Antigen (Jaundice)
  • Distribution of donor tissue for use in corneal transplant surgery.

Modern Lab

The Modern Lab is part of the Sandhani International Eye Bank. The major objectives of the Lab are to obtain and test eye tissue from donors so that it may be used for transplant, research, or education. The Eye Bank provides a vital link between the donor family and transplant recipient. The Lab is equipped with modern instruments and facilities. We are also planning to launch a mini Operation theater for Penetrating Keratoplasty. We hope that theater will be in Operation soon. The List of Lab equipments are given below.

  • Slit Lamp

  • Specular Microscope  

  • Laminar Air flow Hood (Biohazard Safety Cabinet) 

 Donor Tissue Evaluation

  • The donor cornea is subjected to medial evaluation by a slit lamp bio microscope and by an Eye Bank

  • specular microscope in order to study the finer details of the cornea such as the endothelial count, endothelial cell morphology, stromal and epithelial pathology.

  • Based on the criteria for assessing the quality of the donor cornea, it is designated as 'good' or 'not good' for transplantation.

Eye Bank Staff (Project of Strengthening Eye Banking Capacity of SNEDS)

  • Eye Bank Project Director-1

  • Consultant Ophtalmologist-1

  • Eye Bank Manager -1

  • Eye Bank Technician-3

  • Eye Donation Counselor-3

  • Driver/ Messenger-1 

Cornea Correction by SIEB