You can donate your eyes. 
For this you just need a pledge card and have to send it to our address. 
In reply we will send a donor card to you. You have to preserve it. 
Inform SNEDS or SIEB about the death of the donor within 6 hours after death .
To get the Pledge card click here 

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From the very first day of inauguration, we started our activities by targeting DMC Hospital as our base center for run Eye Donation Counseling Program. As our target is to collect a good number of corneas within the project period, we deployed most of our manpower in motivating people for eye donation. Our counselors try to convince the critical patients and their attendance to donate eye with the help of Grief Counseling method. Though it is hard to make the eye donation popular in this conservative society, our counselors are trying their best in getting success from it.

 To become successful in collecting eyes from claimed bodies, the communication can play significant role. Bearing it in mind we regularly arrange meeting and share our ides with the members of Project management committee of SNEDS and ORBIS International, Bangladesh country office. Since the inception, we arranged two Hospital Based Programs at DMC Hospital. One was held on June 27, 2004 where most of the Doctors of DMCH participated while in the other program we shared our ideas with the Nurses and Matrons of DMCH which was held on July 25, 2004.


Quarterly progress report

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Quarter- December, 2004 - February, 2005 Size- 231kb

Annual report


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