You can donate your eyes. 
For this you just need a pledge card and have to send it to our address. 
In reply we will send a donor card to you. You have to preserve it. 
Inform SNEDS or SIEB about the death of the donor within 6 hours after death .
To get the Pledge card click here 


As the reward of the voluntary and humanitarian works, Sandhani received several awards form the different organizations of home and abroad. 

  • Sandhani Received Jewel Memorial Medal in the year 1986 

  • Sandhani was awarded by Asaf-ud-Daula Memorial Medal in the year 1988

  • Sandhani got Rear Admiral Mahabub Ali Khan Gold Medal in 1991

  • For the outstanding contribution in the field of social work Sandhani was nominated for the Commonwealth Youth Service Award by Commonwealth in 1995

  • Sandhani received O.D.A.U.K. Award in 1995

  • Sandhani got Bangladesh Medical Tachers Association Federation Award in 1995

  • Sandhani received the most prestigious award of the country Ekushey Padak in 2004

Except these, Sandhani got recognition from several state run departments and organizations.

  • Sandhani organized it's first voluntary blood donation program on November 02, 1978. 
    The same day had been recognized as the National Voluntary Blood Donation and Posthumous Eye Donation Day in 1995

  • Social Welfare Centre of Bangladesh granted the recognition for the
    voluntary works organized by Sandhani in 1995

  • Sandhani got the recognition from Youth Development Dept. for it's voluntary 
    works in 1995